Directive 42 – Kato Escape –

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Directive 42

The Secret Presidential Order

Directive 42 was created under the secret presidential order given in the 1960's that established labs that conducted energy experiments. However, the world has entered an energy crisis and you must find the answers left behind by our scientists who have disappeared.

  • Claustrophobia: Medium - High
    • No Windows
  • Teamwork: Required!  This may be our smallest room (450 sq ft) but it requires the most team work to complete.  Good communication is a must!
  • Escape Rate: 40%
  • Difficulty:  Medium-Hard
    • There is a prop that would be a challenge for two people to operate making this room best for three or more participants.

$75 for a group of 2 to 6 players

  • $15 per additional player.

Youth group discounts available Wednesday nights. E-mail for details.