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To ensure a smooth transition between groups, we kindly ask that you arrive punctually for your reservation. This will help avoid any overlap in our lobby.

Additionally, please note that signing waivers is not a requirement at our venue



Escape into the Present
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Become the Next Magician
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Uncover the Mayan Secrets
Mayan Escape Room
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Sally's Saloon

Legends and Locks: The Pursuit of the Saloon's Hidden Fortune
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Discover your fortune! A 30 minute game for small groups
The Oracle
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Onsite Games for Events or Celebrations
Team Building Games
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Embark on an adventure suitable for the whole family.  The goal is to solve the mystery, and escape the room. 

Your adventure begins with only the team you bring with you, because we never mix you in with strangers.  The cost to reserve an hour escape experience is only $85, which includes up to 6 players but you can pay an additional $15 per participant for groups larger than 6.

To our enjoyment, we host birthday parties, family reunions, corporate training, and are excited to help you celebrate all of lives happy moments.

Lastly, in terms of difficulty, Magician's Room and Oracle are going to be easier than the Mayan Escape, Escape from the 80's and The Saloon.

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Customer Testimonials

I've now done both Ivan's (with family) and the Tubes (with coworkers) rooms at Kato Escape. Both rooms were very fun and the puzzles were extremely well thought out. Kudos to Kato Escape! Can't wait to try out room 3 when it opens!

Michael Neidt

I had never done one of these before but had a great time here with a work group! Puzzles in our room were a pretty cool mix of clues and logic. Looking forward to trying other room. Thank you Kato Escape for breaking in us first timers!

Matthew VanderSluis

Was a great work team builder for us. Would be fun to do with family and/or friends. I highly recommend!

Kent Waletski

My bookclub recently attempted Ivan's Room. Such a fun experience!! We didn't quite escape but it was close! There were five of us.

Sandy Woker

So much fun for our family. The kids were great funding clues!

Stacy Collins

Just did it with a group of 7 today April 3rd, 2016. I loved it. I wanted to try something new. I saw a ad and decided to get a group together to try it. Some of the group went in very sceptical but within minutes of starting everyone was into it and we ended up solving it. Everyone loved it and said they will be doing more escape rooms. EVERYONE SHOULD TRY ONE. So stop reading this and book it'd worth every penny.

Derek Viera

Went here with a group of 7 friends and it was so much fun! I have never heard of escape rooms before so I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was very challenging and entertaining. I'm excited to see what new challenge rooms they have coming up this summer!

Amanda Anez