MAYAN ESCAPE – Kato Escape –

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Mayan Escape

Uncover the Mayan secrets to save yourself!

You trespassed on a Mayan Archaeological site.   In order to escape imprisonment you need to uncover Mayan secrets and escape the area before authorities arrive.

  • Teamwork: required - there is a prop that would be difficult for just two people to operate.
  • Difficulty: Medium - Hard
  • Escape Rate: 60%,
  • Claustrophobia:  Medium-Low
    • No windows but it is a very large room with 12 foot ceilings
    • Team is handcuffed together at beginning of game.  If someone is uncomfortable being handcuffed let us know.  We want this to be a fun experience and we make accommodations.
    • For the cold and flu season, we are not handcuffing teams together.  We anticipate having this policy through October and Part of November.

$85 for a group of 2 to 6 players

  • $15 per additional player.

Youth group discounts available