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Frequently Asked Questions

Anything you've ever wanted to know about Kato Escape...

An escape room is a real-life puzzle game. It is like National Treasure and Clue mixed together in the most engaging way imaginable. Players are given a list of requirements and must escape the room in less than 60 minutes.

All of our rooms are $75 for up to 6 players and then $15 per additional player.  The Mayan Escape Room offers 12 players, the rest of our rooms will accommodate up to 10 players.

We recommend 4 adults at a time. In Ivan's office and the TUBES lab more than 8 is crowded but we allow up to 10. Two people might solve it. One is just a little too lonely. The Mayan Escape is the largest of our escape rooms accommodating 12 players at a time. When you book the room, your group gets the run of the room for the hour.

Yes, but they make sense.  Tubes Lab has more solving and is slightly more difficult than Ivan's office is slightly easier and is half finding.  The Mayan Escape was designed for experienced players and is the most difficult room.  We do provide clues when you ask for them, so you are never left stuck on a puzzle you can not solve.

We can hide items in any of our rooms.  The Mayan Escape has a great spot to hide gender reveal information.  Feel free to call and ask to hide your secret in our room.  507.327.4045

We also offer a meal package starting at $25 per person with a minimum requirement of 6 people.

Yes, kids ages five and up are welcome with an adult! Groups of kids twelve and older can attempt the room with the permission of their respective parental units.

Depending on the kid, five may be a bit young. Groups with kids have been MORE successful than adult only groups.

Strange kids are dangerous. Specifically to adults with good credit.

Yes, we can schedule rooms during business hours. Contact Us and we'll get you setup.

We also provide options that include a meal.

Coming from Minneapolis?  Check out Minneapolis Party Bus  and hitch a ride in style.

Yes, we have corporate team building packages that include lunch for $25 per person. We can accommodate up to 32 players at a time. Contact Us to schedule or ask questions.


Coming from the Twin Cities check out Minneapolis Party Bus and get a ride that has style.

Yep, we do provide an emergency exit included in the base rate. When a player leaves the room they may not re-enter the game. We also have a restroom available.

Everything you need to solve the puzzle is located in the room. We ask that you do NOT bring your phone into the room.

Hey, that's not a question. Are you going to pay us to watch you pick a lock?

No one who has tried this has solved the room.

Yes, even people in the 11-14 year old age range have reportedly smiled while playing our escape rooms. This has yet to be confirmed scientifically.

The adventure should take about 90 minutes or an hour an a half. To be safe, set aside about 5400 seconds. Please arrive ten minutes early to get the briefing. The briefing will help you solve and escape the room.

If you fail, we will show you what you missed if you like.

Your team should be used to success by now. There is nothing else we can do to prepare you.

This might be the greatest date activity ever created by the hands of humans.

Double-dog-date, Great double-dog-date.

Per person, double-dog-date is cheaper. The room is the same price no matter how many you have for up to six players.

Keeping the content of the room secret makes the room fun for the next group of gold diggers. The less you know about the room going in the more fun the puzzle is. Except for the briefing, you need that stuff.

We are located at 619 S Front Street in Downtown Mankato, Minnesota. We have a place to wait up front.

If you need, you can find a map HERE.

This is a great question.

  • Use the restroom
  • Tweet, Like, Message, Skype, Fax, Voicemail, Smoke Signal, Gmail, or use your iPhone for the last time.
  • Wait in the hallway by the benches.
  • Your Game Master will come and get your team.

We focus our on local STEM education in the Greater Mankato Area.


In both the Tubes lab and Mayan Escape there are additional puzzles for groups larger than 9.  If your group is smaller the 9 but you want a more challenging game let us know before your event so we can add in the additional puzzles.

Ivan's office and the Mayan Escape are 100% wheelchair accessible.  The Tubes lab is 80% wheelchair accessible.